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Actor Anil Kapur in romantic bollywood film Lamhe

Anil Kapoor has had the starring role in many hit bollywood movies,as well as some not so popular titles such as Kaala Bazaar and Yudh. But Anilís hindi bollywood hit films far outway any not so successful indian movies he has appeared in. The bolly-wood film Woh Saat Din was the beginning of Anil Kapurís bollywood acting career also featuring the actor Naseerudhin Shah. The movie that really shot Anil Kapoor to bollywood stardom was Karma by Subhash Ghai where Anil really shone as a talented actor.

Anil Kapoor movie hits Nayak , Biwi No.1 & Judaai

Anil has taken on romantic roles as well as more serious acting parts.

Hit bollywood movie Lamhe romantic role for Anil

Anil Kapoor won best bollywood actor award for Viraasat

One of Anil Kapoorís tremendous hit hindi movies was the romantic film Lamhe. The role where Anil starred with Manisha Koirala really stretched Anilís acting talent requiring playing a different type of role in this romantic film. Anilís Other hit bollywood titles were Mr India, Ram Laakhan, Sridevi, Laadla and Madhuri Dixit. Some later Anil Kapoor films are Nayak and Biwi Number One. In Biwi No.1 Anil plays a comedy role very well and Nayak has Anil Kapoor appearing as a politician.

Bollywood actors Anil Kapoor in hindi films

Anilís older brother Boney Kapoor is a bollywood producer and his younger brother Sanjay Kapoor is an actor, Anil also has a sister. Sunita Kapoor is Anilís wife and she is a successful clothing designer as well as running a fitness aerobics center near their family home.
Some of Anil Kapurís earlier bollywood hits had emotional story lines and were family bollywood films such as the film Eshwar. Anil Kapoor is recognised as a most talented actor with hit bollywood movies such as Viraasat,Dewaana Mastana and Judaai in his portfolio. Anil Kapoor won the title of Best Actor in the movie Vidcon Screen awards for his starring role in the bollywood hit Viraasat.

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