History of Bollywood the Hindu film industry in Bombay India

The beginning of Bollywood the famous Indian film industry

The first bollywood films to be shown were previewed in the Watson hotel and were silent movies of short length. Two brothers named Lumire were responsible for bringing cinema to India with those 6 short films that began the bolly wood story.
But the first India made bollywood film was produced by Dadasaheb Phalke in 1913 therefore Dadasaheb Phalke is generally thought to be the pioneer of Bollywood Indian film. The bollywood cinematic industry was going strong by the 1920s and Indian film makers were producing in total between 25-30 new films a year. This production increased to a total of around 200 films a year by 1930.

Bollywood films the latest blockbuster hits from Bollywood

Bollywood grew quickly throughout the 1900's to the massive industry today.

The begining of sound and colour filming changed bollywood dramatically

Colour gave life to the vibrant indian fashions on screen.

A change in the bollywood indian film industry occurred in 1931 when the first bollywood film was produced filmed with sound. This new cinematic experience with sound was an instant hit and from then on bolly-wood films were to include sound. The next big change came in the 1950s when filming switched from black and white to colour. This allowed the beautiful and colourfull indian clothing to be used to great effect in bollywood films.

Bollywood Hindi Movie Stars

Movie styles changed from romatic love stories in bollywood to violent gangland films.

With the advent of colour filming the bollywood cinemas were full of viewers watching colourful romantic love stories during the 1950s and 1960s. The film makers began to turn towards more violent movies with bandits and criminals being the main characters during the 70s and 80s. The violent action packed gangster film era calmed down in 1990 when bollywood seemed to return to the more romantic storylines for films with a more musical air about them.
Nowadays bollywood is attempting to cater for a wider audience and exporting many films around the world. This diversification into more westernised movies and plot lines has helped make the bollywood film industry the largest in the world.
There is a thriving export market for Bollywood films including the UK Cinema & Movie scene.

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