Bollywood actor Govinda Ahuja & dancer Chi Chi

Actor Govinda stars in serious roles & comedy dancing

Govinda Ahuja began his bollywood career in hindi movies as a dancer and progressed to become a very talented bollywood actor. Due to Govinda’s outstanding dancing ability most Govinda Ahuja earlier hindi films starred Govinda dancing mainly rather than acting. Later in Govinda’s career his extraordinary acting talent was realised and his talent for comedy bolly-wood acting also shone through. Govinda demonstrated his comedy bollywood acting talents in the film Aankhein. As well as comedy Govinda Ahuja may be more well known for more serious acting roles in bollywood films such as Khuddar and Karz Chukana Hai.

Govinda movie Saajan Chale Sasural received various awards.

Govinas family the Ahuja's are a very talented Bollywood entertainment family !

Talented entertainer Govinda can dance & play comedy film roles

Govinda's brother acts, produces and directs bollywood movies

Like so many other bollywood actors such as Aamir Khan, Govinda’s family seem to have a bollywood entertainment background. With his father Arun Kumar Ahuja producing bollywood movies and his mother being a singer. Govinda’s brother Kirti Kumar is also involved in the bollywood film industry directing, producing and acting in bollywood movies.

Govinda comedy hindi actor Chi Chi dancer

Some of the many films Govinda has starred in are Hero Number One, Deewana Mastana, Aadmni Khilona Hai, Raja Babu and Khuddar. Govinda also known by his fans as Chi Chi first appeared in hindi fims like illzam and Hathya but many believe the bollywood film Aankhein by David Dhawan was the role that really got Govinda in the bollywood spotlight. Govinda has received various awards for his performances such as the Lux Zee cine award for best comedy actor and the special film fare title for the film Saajan Chale Sasural.

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