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Talented indian actors and male models of bollywood

Bollywood actors such as Bobby Deol, Aamir Khan, Sunil Shetty and Govinda shine in hini films due to their good looks and acting abilty. Hindi actor Govinda Ahuja is a bollywood hero and entertains indian audiences with his amazing talent in many bollywood films. Govina comes from a very talented indian family famous in the bolly-wood entertainment industry. Govina’s father Arun produces, Govinda Ahuja’s brother acts, directs and produces bollywood film hits and Govinda’s mother Nirmala Devi is a talented singer.

Bollywood films starred in & directed by hindi actors

Bollywood has many famous talented hindi film Actors

Some Indian actors also work as male models Bollywood hunks

A large proportion of bollywood actors have also taken modelling roles due to their chiselled good looks and sex appeal. Many actors in bolly wood also end up turning their hand to producing and directing their own hindi movies as a natural progression from bollywood acting.
Many bollywood actors such as Ajay Devgan seem to have acting in the blood and are exposed at an early age to bollywood behind the scenes. Ajay Devgan the son of a fighter often went with his father to shoots and various bollywood film sets to watch his father perform stunts for bollywood movies. This upbringing helped Ajay Devgan get into the film industry and his fathers fight scenes may have influenced Ajay’s early indian films that were mostly of a violent nature.

Bollywood hindi actors from indian film families

Aamir Khan was also born to a very bollywood film orientated family, so their was little doubt Aamir would enter the film industry. Beginning his acting career in a film directed by his cousin QSQT (Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak) Aamir Khan was soon landing roles in bollywood hit movies such as Rangeela, Dil, Raja Hindustaani and Sarfarosh. Now Aamir Khan has progressed to producing his own high budget bollywood film Lagaan which is sure to be a bolly-wood success.

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